Arlington Adds Abacus3 to Connect Esports Audiences, Investors

Photo Credit: Arlington Stadium Esports.

ESA adds Abacus3 as marketing partnership Abacus3 will seek to scale fan-investor interaction lodi777 globally Arlington to be pivotal for esports for years to come

TheEsports Stadium Arlington has added Abacus3 to help with marketingefforts and connecting investors with new audiences.

ESA Signs with Abacus3 to Expand Reach

TheEsports Stadium Arlington (ESA) is seeking to expand itsfootprint by adding marketing specialist Abacus3 onboard.Though the collaboration, the esports venue hopes to raise itsprofile and win new investment and hosting opportunities.

Excited to announce our partnership with @Abacus3_ . They'll be taking lead on our naming rights and sponsorship opportunities for @EsportsStadium. The folks on this team are some of the best in the business.

— Jonathon Oudthone (@solidxpanda) June 4, 2019

Inparticular, ESA will be focusing on building esports communities,a move that is aligned with thestated goals of investors in the property. ESA president JonathonOudthone didn’t miss an opportunity to praise Abacus3 for theirexpertise:

Weselected Abacus3 because of their team’s rich history insponsorship and community building. They understand that whatbenefits the fan ultimately benefits the brand.

Capitalizing on a $10-million investment, ESA sprawls on 100,000 sq ft imagined by the creative minds at Populous. The venue arrived in November, 2018 and has already served as a host to several high-profile esports events, including the FACEIT Esports Championship Series (ECS).

Similarly,the event played host to the Collegiate Rocket LeagueNational Championship amid theincreasing significance of competitive video gaming on the collegiatelevel.

Commentingfurther on the venue in light of the newest partnership, Oudthonedidn’t forget to point out the importance of the venue:

We take pridein being the largest, most turnkey dedicated esports facility inNorth America. We are the hub for community events large and smallyear round. Our sponsors want to make a meaningful impact on theesports and gaming community.

Abacus3CEO Greg Skasko alsoused the opportunity to comment on the partnership noting theengagement between local audience at the venue and sponsors.

Skaskocalled this relationship a unique opportunity and pointed out that itcould be easily scaled to feature a national or even internationalaudience. According to Sasko, the location of Arlington is ofparticular significance to the future success of the property.

Esports ArenaSpread the U.S.

Esports arenas will spread across the united states. Last year, South Korean broadcast company OGN invested in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds North American League.

Meanwhile,Full Sail University released its own esports arena better known as“The Fortress”. The Fortress is supposedly the largestesports venue a college has rolled out in North America to date.

Anothernotable mention is the 30,000 sq ft HyperX Las VegasEsports Arena, which hosts bothesports and poker events.

Ready for the ultimate battle royale challenge? @Newegg & @AlliedEsports to host the #TripleCrownRoyale on June 22nd at the #hyperxesalv!

Players will have the chance to compete against members of @clgaming in Fortnite, Apex Legends and PUBG!

Register at

— HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas (@HyperXESALV) June 5, 2019

TheOverwatch League (OWL) hosted by Blizzard has been another bigmotivator for the arrival of esports real estate.

Withits city-based model OWL is yet to inspire more localized esportsthat will resemble today’s big sporting events, similar to the NBAand NFL.

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