BETER Boosts IFrame Esports Offering with New Widget

BETER, an innovative provider of iGaming, sports betting, casino and esports solutions, has launched a new statistics widget as part of its existing iFrame solution. This new solution will help consumers get a better read of game and player performance metrics, and it focuses on esports in particular.

BETER Invests Heavily in Informing Esports Fans

As such, consumers will have the opportunity to get insights into hero picks, up-to-date statistics about a hero’s success rate in the current patch, pick and ban statistics, lineups, and overall boost consumer knowledge and understanding, helping individuals and esports aficionados make an informed decision.

iFrame was launched as a solution that brings esports fans the ultimate betting solution at the palm of their hand and is touted as BETER’s flagship product that outstrips all other similar products that seek to help esports fans get a quick read of the action in each game.

The iFrame and statistics widget presently cover Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, two of the most bet-on esports events. The widget also features historic data for the past three months, and BETER is also collecting data on other esports games, which means that both the iFrame and the new widget will be able to offer even more compelling products in the future.

BETER is already confident that the iFrame statistics widget will make the lg777 betting experience for partner operators even more successful, as esports fans will surely appreciate the opportunity to be offered a product that empowers their betting experience from start to finish.

BETER adds that companies that use the iFrame solution can expect to attract 30% more esports fans. The iFrame solution was introduced with the idea to build upon a “Twitch-like” experience and cover a number of esports events, offering an elevated level of quality for fans. BETER’s iFrame solution also received a silver mark from the “industry Innovation of the Year” at the SBC Awards 2022.

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Esports Companies All about Improving Betting Experience

BETER recently received a Malta Gaming Authority license, giving the company another boost, and helping it expand its reach and potential audiences. BETER continues to work with other prominent names in the industry, including Bayes Esports, which is also a data and odds esports betting company. Just today, PandaScore introduced its BetBuilder solution designed to empower esports bettors much in the same way that BETER does.