Caesars Entertainment Incorporated hit with $50,000 New Jersey penalty

In the eastern American state of New Jersey and prominent casino operator Caesars Entertainment Incorporated has reportedly been ordered to pay a fine of $50,000 for a number of employee registration infractions.

According to a Wednesday report from the news domain at, the Reno-headquartered operator behind the Caesars Atlantic City Hotel and Casino, Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City and Tropicana Atlantic City properties was penalized by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement for employing 49 people who did not hold the mandated casino registrations. The source detailed that these ps were found to have worked in a range of areas including the firm’s credit, human resources, purchasing, information technology and marketing departments.

Accuracy ac lodislot cusation:

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement regulator reportedly asserted that these individuals had been employed ‘for a number of years’ with Caesars Entertainment Incorporated having also failed to ‘maintain complete, accurate and current records’ encompassing their associated ‘license and registration numbers.’ The Nasdaq-listed operator’s actions purportedly violated legislation ratified in 1978 that obliges all of the casinos in Atlantic City to register their workforces with the relevant local authorities.

Costly confession:

David Rebuck from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement purportedly told the source that Caesars Entertainment Incorporated had itself disclosed the presence of seven information technology employees with inactive employee registrations. This move in May of last year was reportedly followed by a promise from the company that it would conduct further investigations into suspected instances of unregistered workers.

Lengthened lapse:

This state of affairs reportedly got worse in November when Caesars Entertainment Incorporated revealed the presence of almost 50 unregistered employees at its trio of properties in ‘The Garden State.’ The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement purportedly then ordered the operator to have all of these ps registered by the end of January with 37 being logged as of February 4.

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Earlier error: reported that this is not the first time that Caesars Entertainment Incorporated has fallen foul of New Jersey’s rules on employee registration after 60 casino and hotel alcoholic beverage workers were analogously logged as unregistered in February of 2021. This incident is said to have brought no penalty from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement although the watchdog purportedly asserted at the time that any subsequent infractions would trigger ‘further regulatory action.’

Fresh forfeiture:

In a separate incident and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement reportedly pronounced that it has ordered Caesars Entertainment Incorporated to hand over some $22,666 in ‘gaming winnings’ that were earlier ‘confiscated from 44 individuals’ who had been unable ‘to produce adequate identification’. The regulator purportedly asserted that this pot of cash additionally encompassed funds that had been abandoned or appropriated from punters who were ‘otherwise prohibited from engaging in gaming activity.’