First Look Games and RAW iGaming Put Pen to Paper for New Deal

The “ultimate” iGaming marketing platform that allows game studios to get in touch with 800+ iGaming affiliates and more than 20 million global casino players has inked a new deal with the promising 2021-launched studio that creates highly innovative slots that stand out “in the sea of sameness”. Accordingly, RAW iGaming will enjoy more visibility and enhanced advertising for its slots by accessing First Look Games’ massive network of approved publishers. 

Exposure to Over 20+ Million Global Players 

Together, the network brings together over 20 million global casino players, with special emphasis on highly competitive regulated gaming markets in Europe and other parts of the world. In exchange, this will guarantee high levels of exposure for the provider known for its patent-pending Super Slice engine that relies on wheels instead of the standard reels.

By partnering with First Look Games, RAW iGaming will be able to share all information regarding its slot games. The list of assets will be hosted in a dedicated First Look Games library available to affiliates. The library will include images, logos, as well as videos of the respective games being played in real-time. Affiliates will get access to these assets in the library and easily download all the necessary information either in bulk or for each individual game.

First Look Games will enable RAW iGaming to use its Studio Management Center to efficiently manage all assets and game information while highlighting important exclusivity deals agreements as well as adding and removing jurisdictions for each game.

With the help of a series of dedicated compliance tools, First Look Games will make sure that all game reviews and any content generated and posted by affiliates ufa365 will be 100% accurate and au pair with the industry’s responsible gaming requirements. Plus, by letting gaming studios decide what information should be shared with publishers, RAW iGaming will also enjoy enhanced control. 

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Leveraging the Power of Affiliate Marketing to Drive Awareness 

First Look Games’ co-founder Tom Galanis acknowledged RAW iGaming’s “big splash” in the industry, adding that the new partnership should further help the studio harness the power of affiliate marketing to drive more awareness among an even larger number of players and gaming operators.

RAW iGaming’s chief executive officer Tom Wood explained the studio’s positioning as a “pink shark”, or “something completely new in an endless sea of similar games” that are being launched on a monthly basis. Wood also explained that the new deal would enable them to use the reach of 800+ affiliates to improve their promotional activities while introducing their fresh patent-pending, innovative slot mechanics. Last December, RAW iGaming announced it would supply NetBet, FullForce, and Infiniza with its innovative slot content.