GeoComply to Help A5 Weed Out WPT Global Bots and Cheats

GeoComply will deploy its full suite of enhanced fraud detection and prevention measures to ensure that, as WPT Global continues to expand globally, pl jili777 ayers will be protected. The company will focus on ensuring that player data from across 85 countries around the world is protected and that ill-meaning players’ efforts to cheat or disrupt gameplay for others are foiled.

WPT Gets Security Beefed Up

The idea is to root out any bad actors who may try to sully WPT’s reputation by cheating and putting honest players at a disadvantage. Commenting on this partnership, A5 Labs head of security John Andress said that fraudsters and cheats have been an almost indelible part of the online poker community since day one.

However, things have got much better and not least thanks to the deployment of powerful anti-cheating and anti-fraud tools. Andress was optimistic about the future of WPT Global, a client to A5, which he believes will be able to move past cheaters and ensure a level playing field for all:

As our customer WPT Global embarks on a new journey, we were determined to invest in the tools needed to stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated criminals. Investing in GeoComply’s market-leading technology will keep us one step ahead of the cheats no matter where they are based.

A5 Labs head of security John Andress

WPT Global has been going strong with more than 50 countries where the online poker site is available. The website has been up and running for almost a full year now, with an average of 15,000 daily active users, making it one of the most significant poker networks worldwide.

Tested in Practice, Guaranteed to Bring Results

A5 Labs has been working to help its partner actively tackle fraud and cheating so that the WPT brand can be synonymous with trust and fairness. While A5 Labs has been doing well on its own, investing in machine learning and data science solutions to tackle cheating, it will now leverage GeoComply’s unique expertise to take aim at bot groups and other fraudulent groups that may be acting in concert.

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GeoComply VP sales and customer experience Mark Blunder said that he was delighted to see the opportunity to assist A5 Labs and WPT Global to counteract fraudulent practices in the global online poker community. Blunden added that the technology and solutions that GeoComply was able to deploy were in fact already tested and had been proven to succeed.