Mount Airy Casino Resort Bars U-21s from Hotel, Bar and Gaming Areas

Mount Airy Casino Resort in Pennsylvania will restrict the entry of individuals under the age of 21 to its hotel rooms, spa and pool areas, casino floor and bar areas, and restaurants. The measure will come into effect over the comi riches777 ng weekend and kick in on Sunday. Mount Airy Casino becomes the latest resort to have considered curbing individuals under the legal gambling age to access any of its non-meeting facilities.

Mount Airy Casino Resort Tackles Underage Gambling and Drinking

Mohegan Pennsylvania, another local property, has had this measure in place since June 28, 2020, and has not reported any particular downturn in business. The shift towards adult-oriented gaming and hospitality entertainment has been in the works for several years now, confirms VP of resort operations Hassan Abdel-Moneim.

The property trod carefully on the matter, having sent surveys even before the pandemic, and has been confident in enacting the changes, tying it to a better overall experience for guests. Mount Airy Casino Resort is also keen to make sure that past offenses do not repeat themselves. This September, the casino was fined $160,000 because of three instances of people under the age of 21 accessing its gaming floors.

One of the people who violated the restriction was an 11-year-old girl who managed to play at 10 different slot machines. Another reason for the property’s decision is to ensure that it does not allow underage drinking, which is another concern says Abdel-Moneim. The measure should also help with some of the unpleasantness that other guests have to witness when people break the restrictions.

Abdel-Moneim has confirmed about cases involving father and son and mother and daughter expulsions from the gaming floors or bars. However, the meeting spaces are available to minors as usual. The only areas that will be restricted are the ones mentioned originally, that is the gaming floor, spa areas, the pool, and the hotel.

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Boosting the Economic Bottom Line for Mount Airy

Most people are optimistic about the transition, among whom is the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau CEO and president Chris Barrett said that the change to an adult-only property should actually be good for business and lead to an increase in the bottom line, which is precisely what is motivating Mount Airy on top of all other reasons.

The idea is to leverage a brand identity that promotes a quiet gateway weekend, which could end p drawing people from neighboring big cities. “The Mount Airy brand is iconic, and part of that brand’s story has been its attraction to adults for having romantic times together and exploring,” Barrett explained, touting some of the property’s key strengths. Moving forward, not having underage individuals in the “adult” section will be seen as another advantage.