PointsBet.com to offer reloadable payments card in New Jersey

Australian payment services provider, EML Payments Limited,has announced that its American subsidiary has inked a deal to supply online sportsbook operator, PointsBet USA Incorporated, with a reloadable card innovation for use by punters in New Jersey.

Deposit and withdraw options:

The Sydney-listed firm used an official Wednesday press release published by European Gaming Media and Events to detail that the agreement signed by its EML Payments USA LLC subordinate will soon allow online sportsbetting aficionados in ‘The Garden State’ to easily deposit and withdraw funds via the domain at PointsBet.com utilizing an electronic payments card.

‘Real-t 7BALL CX ime’ access:

Jamison Jaworski, Americas President for EML, declared that his firm’s electronic payments card is set to provide ‘a seamless funding experience’ to PointsBet.com punters in New Jersey by giving them the ability to ‘enjoy real-time payouts’ that may be re-deposited onto the site or withdrawn via a cash machine. He stated that the innovation will also give customers the capacity to use their winnings online as well as through a number of in-app services.

Jaworski’s statement read…

“The launch of the PointsBet.com reloadable payments card represents an exciting time in sportsbetting for both PointsBet [USA Incorporated] and EML [Payments Limited]. Both companies understood the importance of being first to market with an acquiring and payout solution to enhance the PointsBet.com gaming experience, boost brand loyalty and meet the challenges of today’s rapidly evolving United States online sportsbetting landscape.”

Reinforced reputations:

For his part, Johnny Aitken, Chief Executive Officer for PointsBet USA Incorporated, described PointsBet.com as a ‘unique points betting product’ that has enjoyed ‘rapid growth since entering’ the United States online sportsbetting market. He additionally proclaimed that the new partnership with EML Payments Limited is sure to further solidify both firms’ reputations as leaders ‘in providing an unrivaled online sportsbetting experience.’

Aitken’s statement read…

“Our relationship with EML [Payments Limited] has allowed us to quickly and seamlessly integrate a withdrawal method that is unique to the United States sportsbetting market. While other sportsbooks are still trying to p out how best to payout winnings to their players, PointsBet.com is able to focus on making continual improvements to our existing process and providing a VIP experience.”

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