Promod Is Now a Member of the Esports Integrity Commission

ESIC, the esports integrity guardian, announced on Friday that Promod Esports is its latest member. As an ESIC member, Promod will now boost its integrity efforts and implement the Commission’s integrity standards and codes.

Promod Esports Is the Latest ESIC Member

Promod Esports has become the latest member of the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC). By joining ESIC, the specialist esports agency will aim for a uniform standard for integrity in esports. As a member of ESIC, the company will implement the Commission’s codes and standards within its operations. Additionally, as a member of ESIC, Promod will encourage esports integrity and fair play.

Promod Esports has extensive 45-year experience within esports, gaming events and broadcasts. The company’s team of dedicated professionals has delivered a significant number of global events as well as industry-leading campaigns. Currently, Promod collaborates with game developers, brands and more organizations, leveraging its knowledge to deliver unique experiences for fans and players.

Ever since ESIC was established, I strongly believed in their work and its importance to the esports industry in making it a safe and fair environment to be a part of.”

Rob Black, CEO of Promod Esports

By being a part of ESIC, Promod joins companies such as ESL, LVP, Relog Media, BLAST, WePlay, Exceed Me, GT Sports Leagues, Dreamhack, FYX Gaming, UCC, Allied Esports and many other industry professionals and stakeholders who are already ESIC members.

ESIC and Promod to Fight for Esports Integrity

Promod Esports’ CEO, Rob Black, said that ever since ESIC was created, he believed in the importance of their work. He outlined that Promod is thrilled to become a member of ESIC. Black added that by joining ESIC, Promod takes another step to fight against corruption during tournaments. In conclusion, he said that by becoming an ESIC member, Promod reaffirms its growth and commitment to clients, players, fans and the industry.

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ESIC Commissioner, Ian Smith also shared his excitement about the latest development. He outlined that it is a pleasure to accept Promod Esports as an ESIC member. Smith stressed that he has watched with joy Promod “thrive in the esports ecosystem.”

It is such a pleasure to welcome Promod Esports into membership.”

Ian Smith, Commissioner at ESIC

Additionally, ESIC’s commissioner complemented Promod that they have always kept p top646 articipant welfare and competitive integrity as a top priority. He predicted that the collaboration will further protect and enhance the integrity of esports. In conclusion, Smith said that he is looking forward to the “mutually beneficial future” with Promod.