South Dakota and Wyoming push ahead with sports betting effort

Sports betting is quickly growing in the United States, as more individual states get started in the legalization process. Both South Dakota and Wyoming are making progress in an effort to go live with services by the fall. The Commission on Gaming in South Dakota just finished up the regulations process for the industry while the Gaming Commission in Wyoming has started the licensing process.

Wyoming’s Progress

Late last week, gaming regulators in Wyoming announced that the application process for online sports betting operators and vendors was ready. The state approved digital sports betting on April 5. For potential operators in the state, the application is nine pages long and requires a ton of information, including finances, licensing history of the company, and ownership personnel.

The state has provided the full application process along with a permitting directive and online sports wagering checklist. The Commission would like to see the new industry up and running by September, which would be in time for the new football season.

Based on the new law regarding sports betting in the state, at least five digital platforms must be launched.

South Dakota Continues Rules Process

Over in South Dakota, officials are considering the final regulations in the state. Lawmakers are expected to review the regulations on August 2. The Commission would like to see operators approved during its early September meeting. This would allow sports betting to begin on September 9 in Deadwood, which coincides with the start of the 2021 NFL season.

Right now, the South Dakota Commission is reviewing potential operators. Reports indicate that less than 10 operators have applied for licensing thus far. It is expected that major sports betting companies will be applying for licensing in the state, though no names have been released when it comes to the application process.

Along with operators like DraftKings and FanDuel, the Dakota Nation is expected to apply for licensing. The tribe owns and operates three casinos in South Dakota. Sports betting will be offered in Deadwood only, as this is the town that voters approved in November when it comes to in-person sports betting.

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Hopefully, both states will be able to finish out the process quickly and the two will joi ufa888 n the long list of states offering sports betting in the US. Over the past few years, sports betting has grown exponentially as states legalized either online and/or land-based sports betting.  The industry is big business, as sports fans love placing wagers on their favorite teams and sports.